Happy Fall

Hello October!

I’ve been waiting for fall to arrive. It is my #1 favorite season. I love the colors, how leaves crunch beneath my boots, wearing scarves and thick coats, and filling my tummy with warm soup.

It snowed a little bit this weekend. I was a little disappointed. I hope we can actually have a fall this year.

I feel like fall is when I become even more motivated to get things done- both short term and long term goals. But right now, I am having a hard time labeling my goals say “short” or “long” term.

I finally convinced my boyfriend to let us get an Instant Pot (I had help from friends who are IP owners and also showed him YouTube videos). And since we’ve had it, we’ve been eating in more. The thought of eating out isn’t that appetizing at all. πŸ™ƒ So far, we have made beef stew, lemon chicken, teriyaki chicken, spaghetti, chicken alfredo, chili Verde, sausage gravy, and chicken salsa soup!

This weekend we are having a little Halloween party and plan to make dinner with the IP. My friend is bringing hers over that way we can have two different dinner options. I believe we are making chili and the chicken salsa soup. Besides dinner, we are going to carve pumpkins and watch a Halloween movie- perhaps Hocus Pocus or Edward Scissorhands!?

I had a coffee date with one of my best friends today. I hadn’t seen her since July and haven’t really spoken with her either until yesterday. We’ve been too busy, but it was so nice catching up. I always go home feeling very good about my life and inspired to do better. She always has such nice things to say and she opens my eyes and mind when I’m feeling down.

She’s going to model for me because I need to update my portfolio- plus it’ll be her 29th birthday next weekend, so it’ll be a little nice gift from me and to herself πŸ˜€

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