New Start

The weekend was a rainy one, which put me and my boyfriend in a homebody state. Our lives have been none stop since February. We visited my family and friends in Washington State. When we got back, his dad passed away so we spent an unexpexted week in Oregon. When we got back, it was his graduation. We threw a graduation party and we moved into our new place. We are still moving and it’s been a month already. We. Are. Pooped. Lucky for us, we don’t have to move so quickly- but we probably should not take our time.

If you have been following me these last couple of years, you may have noticed that all of my previous posts have been deleted. They are not forever gone, just hiding. I felt like I needed to start again. Perhaps I will bring some of my previous posts back- like the ones from last year’s vacation to Hong Kong. I may just rewrite it instead.

So, for those of who do not know me and are curious… 👋🏼 Hi, I’m Tara ☺ I’m a 30-something year old lady living in Montana.

  • I love animals, especially dogs, cats, bunnies, bears,… Ok, everything.
  • I love my coffees, but lately I’ve been struggling on flavors. Any suggestions?
  • I love buying books I don’t have time for.. I don’t make time for.
  • I’m a photographer. I shoot people and I love it ☺
  • I have a boyfriend who is the sweetest- most of the time 🙃. We drive each other crazy- the good and the bad kind- and at the end of day, being wrapped up in his arms while falling asleep is one of many favorite things about him/us. 😍

I don’t think this blog will have a theme. Maybe it’ll eventually grow into a theme.. who knows? 🤷🏽‍♀️ But I hope you stick around for awhile.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, please leave a comment below☺


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